Carpe diem – Enjoy the day

It's true, you can spend every day differently and to the full. We are offering a day in our four star boutique hotel, for you to enjoy.

You will be impressed by its conservativeness, grandeur and homeliness. The hotel is rare due to its uniqueness... It has a soul fragmented in all the corners. Outside there is a taste of Tuscany... a little bit in the sundial, a little bit in the exceptional fountain, a little bit in the ivy creeping up the wall and some in the tiny art pieces and paintings. Inside, you will be inspired by the 15 double rooms named by the world's metropolitan cities or the four seasons of the year. You can spend the night in London, Paris, Venice, New York but also in Prague or Barcelona. The essence of the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter will be conjured to you by the representation of the four seasons. The more demanding guests will appreciate the comfort of the business class.

The enjoyable atmosphere of the hotel will be accordingly complimented by the international cuisine 'Double Tiffany', with a choice of a good quality of Slovakian and foreign wines...

- Hotel Carpe Diem